How to Choose Clothes for Fibromyalgia

January 22, 2018 1 Comment

bras for fibromyalgia

There are many issues associated with fibromyalgia, and the pain that comes with it can be debilitating. Surprisingly, the clothing you wear can make it worse, and is often a neglected consideration.

A symptom called allodynia results from fibromyalgia. It causes pain from stimuli that don't normally cause pain. In this instance, a bra can cause pain if it's too constrictive, or a strap can feel likes needles across the neck and back. Even the lightest touch can be painful, which is why appropriate clothing choices are so important.

The best clothing for fibromyalgia and the symptoms associated with allodynia are those that are loose-fitting, non-constrictive, and breathable. This type of clothing reduces the stimuli on the skin and helps minimize the symptoms from allodynia.

A Tip for Choosing the Best Clothing

What two metrics helps you choose what clothing works best?

  1. You can take it on and off easily
  2. You don't feel hot wearing it

That's the best advice I've heard from my customers with fibromyalgia.

Bras, Underwear, Shirts and Pants


Choose bras without wires that are non-constrictive, like the BreastNest. You want natural materials against your skin that are breathable and moisture-wicking to keep you cooler and more comfortable. Sandra Wilkerson wrote about her experience with the BreastNest:

"I have fibromyalgia severely and wearing a bra was impossible. People seeing me with no bra and DDD size breast was so embarrassing. The rashes were also bad. I now have a comfortable and dry garment that does not cause any pain. Thank God for the breast nest company. I cried when I put it on for the first time."


The best underwear is made of natural materials that are soft to the touch and have a stretchy elastic band. Tip: Turning your cotton underwear inside out can be more comfortable.


Modal is one of the best fabrics for fibromyalgia because it's moisture-wicking and incredibly soft. The Thanth Women Purecolor Comfy Loose Fit Short is a good option.


Pants made of cotton or modal are ideal. However, if that's too restrictive, skirts can be a better choice.


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January 23, 2018

I’ve found that works pretty well, the whole ‘if you can take it on and off easily’ idea. Anything that’s tight against my body is so uncomfortable.

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