Wearing a Bra to Sleep Prevents Sagging?

January 06, 2018 1 Comment

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You’ve probably heard rumors about wearing a bra to sleep, like “wearing a bra helps prevent your breasts from sagging.“

Having a company that specializes in bra alternatives for women with chronic pain and sleep bras for large breasts since 2009, I’m here to help you weed through the facts and the fiction.

First, how are breasts affected by different sleeping positions?

    If your breasts are heavy, that will cause them to sag. But since you're laying down there is less sagging and it depends on how you sleep.

    Sleeping positions and their affect on sagging

    When sleeping on your back or on your side, you'll feel more of gravity's force on the breasts, which can feel like they're sagging. If your breast are large, sleeping on your back causes your breasts to go off to one side, or spread horizontally. Your breasts may even go under your armpits. If they're small enough, they'll stay "upright."

    If you sleep on your side, the lowest breast will be resting on the bed and the highest breast will be resting on top of it. This means there is less force being placed on the breasts in this position since the lowest breast is resting on the bed, and the highest breast is resting on the one beneath it.

    The only sleeping position that will have little to no affect on your breasts is if you sleep on your stomach since they are resting directly on the bed, and their weight is spread out evenly across the bed. I'm not recommending you sleep on your stomach, however. Sleeping on your stomach can flatten out the natural curve in your back which can potentially lead to back pain.

    Do bras prevent breasts from sagging during sleep? 

    Let's consider the three sleeping positions and how a bra affects the breasts' position from a purely physics standpoint. However, read the bottom section if you should even wear a bra to sleep to begin with.

    • On your back: a traditional bra will reduce any side splay and prevent lateral sagging.
    • On your side: as stated in the section above, your breasts are supported without a bra - the lowest breast is held by the bed, and the upper breast is resting on it.
    • On your stomach: a bra will have no affect for a stomach-sleeper since the bed is pushing the breasts against the body.

    Should you wear a bra to sleep?

    If you've been wearing a bra all your life and can't imagine sleeping without one, it's totally understandable. You're used to it, and it's familiar. However, a traditional bra is one of the worst things to wear while sleeping due to its constrictive nature:

    • Bras can keep your vascular system (blood) and lymphatic system from flowing naturally around your breasts. These women found that not wearing a traditional bra to sleep improved their lymphatic flow.
    • Most bands constrict and restrict natural breathing.
    • Straps cut into the shoulders and leave marks, as do wired bras that cut into the rib-cage.
    • It can get hot and sweaty wearing a bra.


    It's healthier to not wear a traditional bra to sleep. Part of the reason I created BreastNest was to comfortably hold my breasts in place without restricting my circulation and have wide straps that don't cut into my shoulders, or restrict my breathing. I'd invite you to try going braless to sleep and see what a difference it can make for you.

    About the Authors

    Susan and Scott help thousands of women around the world live more comfortably when they don't want to wear a bra, like after a long day. They specialize in helping women live more comfortably with their non-constrictive bra alternatives that are made for sleeping and lounging.

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      January 23, 2018

      Glad I found you guys. Haven’t slept better since getting my breastnest.

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