Get Rid of and Prevent Intertrigo Breast Rash

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If you read my last blog post about what causes breast rashes you’ll have a better understanding about the cause and symptoms of intertrigo. There are two easy steps to help get rid of and prevent breast rashes. First, you need to reduce the level of moisture around the affected area and second, you need to reduce friction to prevent irritation, allowing the area to heal.

Reducing the Level of Moisture

The best bra features for underboob sweat and rashes

Problem: Most bras are constrictive and squeeze your breasts while holding them in place. This smashes your breasts against your chest wall/ribcage and increases the heat under your breasts, causing you to sweat more and worsen your symptoms. An analogy would be men who wear briefs have an increased testicular temperature versus men who wear boxers. See the image below for a visual of how this works.

bra breast sweat rash

The solid red line illustrates how a traditional bra cup molds to the shape of the breast, pressing it up against the chest wall. The dashed red lines show how this squeezes and compresses the breast against the body, increasing heat, sweating, and reducing airflow.

Solution: The best way to solve this problem is to hold the breast in their natural position. This eliminates compression on the breast, and helps prevent excessive sweating. See image below of how the BreastNest doesn't compress the breast.

prevent breast sweat

To further reduce moisture under your breasts, choose materials that are moisture-wicking and breathable. Modal fabric is a natural, incredibly soft fabric that wicks moisture and is breathable. Stay away from cotton! While it’s breathable at first, the moment you sweat, it absorbs moisture and takes forever to dry.

Reduce Friction

Problem: It’s important to reduce friction under your breasts as it allows the area to heal. Skin-to-skin contact and rubbing caused by movement from things like walking or exercising can make problems worse.

Solution: The best solution is to have a soft barrier between the underside of your breasts and your ribcage, as this will keep the two skin surfaces separate. You can also sprinkle a little bit of chaff-reducing powder under your breasts.

Heal Two Birds with one BreastNest

BreastNest bra alternatives are designed and patented to hold your breasts in their natural position, keeping your breasts cooler. They cup under the breasts, preventing skin-to-skin contact, reducing friction and allowing your body to naturally heal. It is also made of modal fabric, a natural moisture-wicking breathable fabric.

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breast sweat prevention


With some simple steps, you can help ease your discomfort and get rid of your rash. Have any other tips that can help? Share them in the comment section below. Know of someone that has a breast rash? Send them this article - they'll be glad you did.

Disclaimer: While these tips have helped many women, you should always consult a medical professional for help.

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Beth Simmons
Beth Simmons

February 16, 2018

I sometimes put paper towels under my breasts or tuck my shirt under them to keep them dry. But it doesn’t stay in place.

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