Breeze Essentials B to C Cup

Size Guide

Fits B cup up to C cup

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Made in the USA. 95% Modal / 5% Spandex.

Why You'll Wear It Daily

1) Freedom to go braless. Holds breasts in natural position. Doesn't lift like a bra.

2) Made for those who don't want to wear a bra or can't wear them because of pain.

3) Loved for lounging and sleeping. Underwire-free, non-constrictive.

4) Stay dry and fresh. Helps with breast sweat, rashes and chafing.

5) Feels like you’re naked. Patented design holds each breast in its own stretchy nest.

6) Ridiculously soft modal fabric feels like a luxurious hug on your skin. Stretchy and moisture-wicking.

7) Wide shoulder straps relieve pain. Racer-back fits all bodies.

Size Chart

Step 1 of 3) Read the title/description of the BreastNest you’re choosing to make sure you fit within its cup size range. Example: “Breeze D to DD Cup” fits a D and DD.

Step 2 of 3) With a flexible measuring tape, measure around your ribcage directly up and UNDER your breasts, making sure there's no slack behind your back.

Step 3 of 3) Based on your ribcage measurement, choose the Size below that fits within the range of the Band Size.

Size Band Size
Medium 28-33 in.
Large 34-38 in.
X-Large 39-41 in.
XX-Large 42-50 in.
XXX-Large 51-54 in.
XXXX-Large* 55-61 in.


*XXXX-Large only comes in Breeze Original and Camisole Original