About Us

88 Years of Proud Heritage

Silvert's was established in Ingersoll, Ontario, Canada in 1930. Silvert's began as a small town department store and by the 1960s had developed into a chain of department stores across southwestern Ontario.

Silvert's motto from its inception, of "customer service and quality," proved to be a guiding force in the company's destiny. With Silvert's motto in place, a strong customer loyalty was established and maintained. As Silvert's customers aged, their need for service increased. Clients began contacting Silvert's from Retirement and Long Term Care facilities demanding to know how Silvert's could continue to service them. It was at this time that Silvert's became aware of a special niche of people with special needs who had thus far been neglected. Styling considerations and the increased need for services had never been addressed.

Two issues came to the forefront. First, the need to develop a line of clothing that made dressing an effortless task instead of an impossible chore. Secondly, a service that enabled clients to shop in the comfort of their own homes or in Long Term Care facilities. The first issue addressed the need for a specialty line of clothing. Focus research groups were established, consisting of clients, caregivers and health care professionals. The net result produced a specialty line of clothing that incorporated comfort, ease of dressing, style and washability.

Silvert's responded to the demand for a personalized shop at home service by creating a catalogue mail order service. Over the years, Silvert's has continued to grow and develop its international catalogue mail order service. The need for at home shopping services has led Silvert's to address the E-commerce market for added convenience to our customers.

We Care

Silvert's is aware of the routine physical dilemmas faced by many in the daily chore of dressing. As a result, Silvert's design department continually consults with clients, caregivers and health care professionals to meet the daily needs of our customers.

Our design department has incorporated style with the need for ease of dressing. At Silvert's we are aware of the challenges faced by those with decreased levels of mobility, arthritis, scoliosis, podiatry concerns and incontinent issues. Careful consideration and awareness of these concerns keeps Silvert's on the leading edge and allows us to provide the best in products and services to our customers.

Silvert's takes into consideration the need for wash-and-wear garments. Customers do not need or want to spend time and money on dry cleaning. Fabrics are chosen for their level of durability because our products are often subjected to industrial washers and dryers. Styles are tested and retested to ensure maximum comfort and ease of dressing.

Silvert's has only become the largest supplier of specialty clothing by listening to our customers needs and responding to them.

Commitment to Service

The dictionary describes the word service as being, "a system or means of supplying or providing something useful or necessary to the general public."

At Silvert's we are committed to supplying our customers with the best quality styled products at the most reasonable prices. Our quality is backed by a money-back guarantee, which states, "If you are not 100% satisfied with your purchase, simply return it to us."

Silvert's is proud to offer an exciting, free colour catalogue with affordable clothing in an easy to use format, which is backed by unparalleled customer service.

Silvert's is the largest supplier of specialty clothing and as a world market leader, is dedicated to providing quality E-commerce service. Silvert's prides itself on its world wide availability. With 88 years of experience you can shop with confidence at Silvert's.

Purpose, Value and Principles

Silvert's is committed to giving our customers exceptional service, quality and value for their money. This commitment is backed by our unconditional money-back guarantee.

At Silvert's you can shop with confidence. Silvert's take pride in its 88 years of experience and its focus on quality customer service.

Silvert's is a proud member of the Direct Marketing Association. Silvert's is a proud supporter of the Alzheimer Society of Canada.

Size Chart

Step 1 of 3) Read the title/description of the BreastNest you’re choosing to make sure you fit within its cup size range. Example: “Breeze D to DD Cup” fits a D and DD.

Step 2 of 3) With a flexible measuring tape, measure around your ribcage directly up and UNDER your breasts, making sure there's no slack behind your back.

Step 3 of 3) Based on your ribcage measurement, choose the Size below that fits within the range of the Band Size.

Size Band Size
Medium 28-33 in.
Large 34-38 in.
X-Large 39-41 in.
XX-Large 42-50 in.
XXX-Large 51-54 in.
XXXX-Large* 55-61 in.


*XXXX-Large only comes in Breeze Original and Camisole Original